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Live Stream YouTube Training: We are going to spend the next 3 hours answering your questions about YouTube, video creation and marketing… Don’t miss the YouTube Tips, Tricks, Channel Evaluations, Q&As!!!

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  1. Eclipse Brewing says

    Sad i missed the Live Stream mate !
    I have to binge watch your channel and try improve mine thanks for al you do.

  2. KE Rose says

    I want to know if you tube is going to do anything about the cussing and people who are doing good leave things in you tubre?

  3. KE Rose says

    Also when are is you tube going to put the editor back on you tube?

  4. KE Rose says

    From southwestern corner of Wyoming.

  5. Poundz978 says

    Darrel … does being exaggeratingly happy in your thumbnail increase your views …

  6. eagle-6 says

    hey Derral Eves, how to fix low subscribers to views ratio?

  7. ElmerFuddGun says

    How can I get comment notifications turned back on? I never turned them off but they haven't worked in a month and no matter what I try YT won't send notifications for comment threads. I still get notifications for new videos such as this one but not for comments. It is SUPER ANNOYING!! Now that would be a GREAT TIP!! πŸ™‚

  8. Frankie Johnnie says

    Didn't "Dead Hunk" do a $200 Super chat. Didn't see your review of that channel πŸ™‚ Lots of helpful tips. Best, FBKwrites

  9. Beanie Draws says

    Shame this stream was at 2am my time πŸ™ I was fast asleep. Hopefully you do more of these streams at different hours to fit in different areas of the world :p

  10. Monev360 says

    I didn't catch the stream live but I'm in North Carolina, I have a hip-hop channel and I want to keep adding zeros to my views and subs. 1000, 10K, 100K, 1 Million and so on. Why not shoot for the stars?

  11. Meitei Reviews says

    Thanks for the channel review, Derral :)!
    Can I get one that are more in depth when I donate more?

  12. The Artist says

    Hi Derral, thanks for sharing these wonderful contents to help Youtube creators.

    I have a question regarding cc/transcript. If the video contains profanity, is it a good idea to put a ** over it instead of the actual word for ranking purpose?

    Thank you and stay happy =)

  13. Reviewonator says

    can you tell me approx how many views does it take to start getting subscribers?

  14. EAGLERIDER says

    I have come to realize I am creating my own community there is no one else that does what I do. I have allot of improving to do. I'm working on it. ""RIDE ON""

  15. Dragon Da Silva says

    I need some help, I made some music remix and people are using it without crediting me.
    How can I copyright my music so the people who uses it (who don't have my permission) video will get copyrighted.

  16. marcrkox2 says

    I have a really great point to make for us YouTubers who have posted a video games on our channels the point is that every single video game has a soundtrack to every single video game ever made for every single gaming system what is there ever been a video game that has no music in them do we YouTubers want a video game that has no music to enjoy and get excited to hear music for the games we play and the thing I am talking about is the YouTubes copyright laws rule that rule should be taken down lets have our voices be heard so that we can appreciate the hard work for the gaming community let’s spread this message to other YouTubers to make this happen I got a important message to send to you here it is

  17. Infinite Hustle says

    clinton iowa. Ive been at since last march, but i feel like a veteran lol

  18. Desira Gaming says

    I you can replay

    I want to know how want to know to get viewvers and subs on my channel your videos is not helping much for now!!

  19. Aishwaryam Builder says

    i am architect in chennai, here i give free architect advice throw youtube chennal for people, going good .. with in 2 month cross 20 k subscriber. now i need to go daily facebook and youtube same time live, but i dnot how i will do that .. help me advice me. i am using obs.

  20. will Murray says

    Sorry I couldn't swing making the livestream, tried to schedule my day around it but I had a few meetings at work that I couldn't get out of. However I try not to miss your content so I definitely had to make sure I watched back the video. As always you did not disappoint, thanks for all you do and all the help your provide.

  21. Cary Hawkins says

    Derral, I have a question that has nothing to do with this video. Maybe you address this elsewhere, but it's hard to find. If I have a video that has done really well in the past (evergreen video btw), and I made changes to the keywords and descriptions at certain points in its history, am I able to go back and see what the keywords were for a given time period? The reason I ask is I have a video that I tweaked into my top performer, and since my last tweaks (which seemed to be an improvement), it tanked in daily views. My guess is it could do better with an older keyword/description setting.

  22. Freedom Life Now says

    Great Video and content!! I'm going to use all this awesome info to grow my youtube channel to first 1000 subs much faster now! Thanks @Derral Eves

  23. VPPAF says

    why am I seeing a clickable hashtag above the title I have seen a few peoples videos with similar how do you do that

  24. Dark Hacker says

    How do you put those hashtags on the title? Is that new?

  25. SciTech_387 says

    I had "ring the bell" on your channel a while ago, now wondering why there is no new videos from you – checking out your channel page – notifications are turned off :S
    I realized this also on another channel(MRBeast), strange :S

    However, thank you for your work it helps a lot, you are amazing πŸ™‚ !

  26. MWS Media says

    Heya, awesome videos!! Quick question; we're a video production company who thought it would be cool to chop up some lines from famous films to make amusing short videos. We're not making money directly from the videos (no adverts or monetisation at all), just hoping they'll be shared and drive more customers to our page and website. We're happy to namecheck the films copyright owners in the description and all the legal stuff obviously. Just wondering if, essentially, is this allowed/ok? You seem like the right person to ask! We don't want to go to the effort of doing it if we're breaking any kind of copyright / YouTube rules!

  27. xXwerghxX's Youtube says

    I have a question,How do I make a group channel and let multiple people upload vids?

  28. Krasi BG says

    I think this will help to my channel

  29. An Old School Home says

    Dear Derral, your videos have helped a lot, so I’m sure whatever content you post, as long as it helps us as creators, would be great!

  30. Geezer Skate Co. says

    Your content is always so helpful, but I totally feel like I'm missing some things – I need the lightbulb to click. I'm looking forward to your presentation and talking to you at Video Marketing World at the end of Dallas.

  31. RoundAbout Dan says

    I posted my first video in 2011 and pretty much did nothing with the account until about 8 months ago when I started doing videos of traveling. My first video is on restoring an axe with almost 143,000 views and gets a couple views almost daily, the 35 travel videos ive done have around 30-300 views.

    Should I delete the axe video since it has nothing to do with the channel?

  32. Sunny Day notice says

    Thanks for the video, lots of good info. I had to go through a lottt to get my channel cover photo to fit!

  33. Vijayanand Tammina says

    Hi Sir

    I am Vijayanand from India

    Unfortunately, there is rumour that if keyword research tools like TubeBuddy or VidIQ when directly linked to YouTube channels, YouTube does it promote our channel or help gain more views
    Is it right

    Please clear my doubt

  34. Camoren Neil says

    I'm trying to upload video to my YouTube channel that I download but it not working how can I fix this

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