Trim Your Videos with YouTube’s New Video Editor

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It’s back!!! YouTube’s New Video Editor is out! Learn how to use the editor to trim and slice your videos after you upload them to YouTube. You can trim any part of the video at the beginning, middle, or end.

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  1. Dr. Gangrene says

    A definite improvement and step in the right direction. I used it to trim out a section just today.

  2. SunshineLeclair says

    What the heck is up with YouTube!!!??? They are a video company, you would think they would have the BEST editor around!!!! AND WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THE "FLIP" FEATURE?!! Others I know have been driven the the crazy side because of this … most who use their phone, are really missing that feature! GEEEEZ WAKE UP YOUTUBE!!!!

  3. NKHD says

    Where is the Filter please can you show that?!

  4. IsuruO says

    How do you add audio to your video?

  5. DonDeka Gaming says

    Hi Derral thx for uploading…
    just one question, does trimming video on YouTube affect the quality of my uploaded video

  6. theTacticalShazli says

    can we add after uploading instead of trimming? thanks and great helpful video!

  7. Wm. & Helen Cato says

    I think YT should create a video editor like that which came with Windows 7. I never knew there was a previous editor. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sprack A Tack 248 says

    In the new updates in YouTube Studio I would like to see a video replacement button I have noticed that I have some graphics that are incorrect instead of have to delete I should be able to replace him within the same code of the video existing basically overlay the new with old videos therefore would not lose my viewpoints also I would like to see YouTube track when people post your videos onto other web pages sign sprack a tack 2 4 8 and comment

  9. Nadeem Mujahid says

    I have 5 min video edit for 30 sec it took the whole lot of time to do so and now editor alert! come back later and check !!!! when nobody knows so it not what take us cut the time but took as back to old time


    Hi Thanks for the info. I subscribed but I cannot find out how to sharpen the video as before

  11. MDF RESCUER says

    This "video editor" is very poor. It's missing more functions, like adding another videos, video stabilization and so on. They first took us all the useful functions and now they ask what we want, this youtube policy is driving me crazy…

  12. Terry McGeary says

    No transitions at least? I think unless it was a piece accidentally left in that was already earmarked for erasing we will end up with clunky footage.:-(

  13. Chillie Falls says

    I had to go back and find your video as I just needed the editor for the first time. Watched you again, used the editor successfully. Thanks. PS: some more features would be nice.

  14. Albin Gaming says

    But youtube should fix some glitch beacuse I can’t upload sometimes they say error uploading video

  15. Kd P says

    great. but what if you want to trim the front or the end. I do not want to SPLIT the video, I want to chop it off.

  16. CRAKFACE says

    Kinda sad the sony shareplay video creator is better then this youtube tool. Jesus. The preview option is not user friendly at all.

  17. Claire Boyles says

    Can you get it to start the trim at the exact start of the video? I couldn't get it to work, closest I could get was .22 of a second, I want the first few seconds trimmed out completely….

  18. Curtis Mass says

    They need to have a feature that lets you add multiple videos/clips to make compilations etc.

  19. Aldine Tree Services Houston Stump Grinding says

    Derral, thanks for sharing this. I feel this is good news. I've been asking some Filmora vs. Adobe Premiere Elements questions. I've come to realize when I travel, I don't bring my desktop with me. Is there a reasonably priced cloud video editor you'd suggest for a beginner like me which may have an interface similar to Filmora? When I travel, I typically have a chromebook, however would like to be able to tap into a server to make modifications when on the road. Thanks for your thoughts. Delfino

  20. TechPrezz says

    it has been there a while but may not be easy-to-use one, by going to enhance option of each video, you can actually trim out some part of the video….. but yea YouTube had completely pulled the other editor where we could even create new video from different videos available on YouTube

  21. TechPrezz says

    yea this is enhanced version of the one that is already in there under Video enhancement options but the shortcoming of this current version is that you can't save the video as new one, and also there is no option to revert, maybe those features are coming soon

  22. Jeffrey Slater says

    Does the URL remain the same when you edit the video? If I posted this video previously on FB, would the link still work?

  23. Paesito Paez says

    This is great and all but why did they remove the enhancement tools?

  24. Holli Carter says

    I love this! I'm just starting to learn and this was very understandable. Thank you!

  25. JNR_Breezy 23 says

    are you able to add other videos so i am able to create a montage ?

  26. MaeCatleya's Vlog says

    i tried this yesterday i wanted to edit my Copyright Video, but unfortunately it didn't work. how to edit copyrighted Videos?

  27. tim3854 says

    Prefer the old editor, this doesn't allow me to do multiple trims. I pressed the play or preview button after the first attempted trim and it will not play. I just wanted to trim the start and end and that seems impossible. Oh well, time to buy a real editor I guess.

  28. Nezumi66 says

    It would be great to add still images, make slide-shows again… Can't do it on this piece of cr*p!

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