PART 3: How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work in 2018 (Data Triggers)

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PART 3: How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work? Looking for more video views on Youtube. This is the third video in the series to help content creators on YouTube get more visibility and views for their videos.

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  1. Lineyy Dampz says

    Brilliant information Darrel… this is very vital it's absolutely vital that you have good thumbnails.

  2. Adam's Eats says

    I'm interested in how I might be able to use this data. I'm not really sure what else I can do with my thumbnails though, so i'll have to think on that. Thanks for the info Derral!

  3. Ozzstar says

    Your thumbnail is better than my thumbnail.

  4. What the Elph says

    So should we take an older video and change the thumbnail and A/B test vs the original or should we do 2 new ones and A/B test those?

  5. roadlife gg says

    Best videos on YouTube very honest humble guy .thank you

  6. Travis Kraft says

    Derral, I have a question I have been curious about for a long time. We have tons of subscribers but very low click through rates from them. Does YouTube not recommend your video to others if subscribers aren't clicking on it?

  7. Blues Piano Sheets says

    Great vid Derral, but I don't understand how the YouTube computer can tell a good thumbnail from a bad one.

  8. Phills Folly says

    I'm a new channel so I'll just have to watch other peoples thumbnails and see which of theirs seem to be working

  9. Jarhead6 says

    I just saw all three parts thanks Sir!

  10. dochickstv says

    With almost 70k subscriber's and 6.9 Million watched time minutes mins 2 months ago YouTube has tottaly stopped suggesting my video and only 3.2 % of my subs get alerts lmaooo they have shut down my channel

  11. Aven Wilson says

    There is a live stream event listed on my YouTube channel, and I can't find a way to delete it. It's not listed in the events section of the creator studio, so I can't delete it from there, and there is no other venue for me to get rid of it. It's incredibly irritating to see that stream event sitting on my channel like a sore thumb, especially when I never even streamed in the first place (I only opened the live stream tab to experiment, I never started any event) and I would really like some help in removing it.

  12. oldBRATTrider says

    Good morning , Derral. I've watched several times and use your method of editing CC on my videos. I do this before publishing the video. Each time I stop to edit and restart to continue editing. You tube views increase 1 view. At times the video, when published has 20 views. Will this at some point in the future cause a problem for my channel.

  13. warbeast gamer says

    Derral Eves can u pls make a video on how south africa YouTube can make money i would really like to know thx

  14. khornbats says

    Darrel I have specific questions about my channel's odd situation and I don't know who else to ask. So I'll start by explaining what changed in the past couple years after my channel was created on the 5th of January 2013. In the beginning I was doing great, my channel was growing at a steady pace throughout 2013 from 1 or 2 to over 50 subscribers. But after I turned 16 in 2017 because of my late birthday, I noticed that I had made some pretty cringey videos, and sometimes even had made videos that made me look like a dumb, immature kid with extreme anger issues (because I definitely was, I was an immature kid with bipolar type two disorder, as well as mild autism and ADHD. I hadn't gotten the control over my disabilities that I have now.). In turn I decided to delete all of the videos on my channel that I didn't like, and I had over 670 videos up on my channel at that time that were constantly gaining views. After that I decided to delete more, until I had deleted every video on my channel. In between 2017 and now I've been switching between YouTube and twitch. I have not been uploading consistently, had on and off motivation to edit videos, and was pressed for time after having moved to a farm after my mother and step father's divorce (Even though it was in a different school district, I chose to graduate where I had already been going to school. In other words I had to get up early and be driven to school while at the same time completing homework and keeping up with my chores and the additional chores of maintaining a family horse farm business with multiple horses being boarded) I had very little time to do anything with my channel. But now that I've graduated high school at age 17 in 2018 I have more time to be active. I have uploaded very little edited videos, and only had a few streams up until now. Before last year I was at 100 subscribers multiple times, now I'm stuck around 90 and only getting 1 or 2 views per live stream. I have one edited video which is a gaming montage with copyright claimed music. I've also rebranded and found the motivation to upload again. But I can't get decent quality video resolution, or audio, due to my outdated setup. I am willing to invest in a whole new setup. But I don't have a job or stable income. I've also grown bored of my current content that I stream. I have a lot of games and systems just sitting around that I don't use. I mainly only use my PlayStation 4 to record and live stream gameplay because my old Dell inspiron 545 pre built computer can't even handle running software like open broadcaster software, or a capture card. It has windows 7 and a Pentium core (probably the worst core ever!). I want to stream different types of content than just gaming but I'm afraid no one will want to watch it because I've been doing the same thing for so long. I want to do tutorial videos, tech videos, music related videos (I play guitar and piano, I've also thought about singing because I've had experienced vocal training my senior high school year.). I want to do gaming commentaries, I want to keep live streaming, I want to edit. But my equipment is way below average, and I've lost my techniques for things like thumbnail editing, and choosing titles. I don't want to talk about statistics, or ask my channel's viewers for help out of fear of them thinking I'm in it for the views. I'm only 17, so it's not like I can sign up for a patreon, or PayPal account to help afford better equipment. Plus I don't want to start receiving money from my channel to early and risk being labeled as someone who's only in it for the money. So now that that's out of the way I'm going to ask my questions in bulk: Did I hurt my channel's growth progress by deleting every video? Is the copyright claimed music on my video negatively effecting my channel's growth? If I'm willing to invest in new equipment should I do it all at once or gradually? When would be an acceptable time to receive money from my channel? Should I upload multiple types of content to one channel? Or would it be better to create separate YouTube channels for uploading other types of content? Should I be open to my viewers about statistics? But most importantly if I'm willing, have the time and the motivation, and work hard to upload consistently, will I have a better chance of growth than those who don't?

  15. letumbuck says

    Derral is there a way to see your top geographies from a year ago?

  16. Ginger's Doll World says

    Thank you sooooo much Derral for this, it made me understand it so much more 🙂 watched all 3 and wrote myself some notes.
    I have an older channel, my first one that was doing well and has over 50k but in the last 2 years has gone down hill, so I started a new channel to start fresh, a lot of my old videos on first channel are awful, editing, lighting etc, i was a newbie 🙂 but the channel did grow and i have abandoned it to concentrate on this channel, but i was thinking of doing livestreams on the old channel to keep it alive, do you think if i go through my thumbnails and change them i can re-ignite the channel ?? or just concentrate on my new channel that has close to 4k subs, plus i'm also starting a new channel using all your tips and i definitely know more now, it will be a smaller niche, miniature dollhouses 🙂

  17. BY the People says

    Thanks Derral Eves it's time for me to start taking my you tube channel seriously and you definitely break all that data down in a way a regular guy can understand!

  18. Jacob Ross says

    I JUST HIT 400 SUBSCRIBERS THANKS TO DERRAL! I know it's not many, but its a lot more than I'd have ever expected

  19. Little Kitchen Big Food says

    So curiously, does the newest version of the algorithm recognize when a channel updates it's existing thumbnails and titles and does youtube re-evaluate where it places those newly thumbnailed/titled videos?

  20. Texas Veteran Lawn Service says

    hi Daryl my channel is struggling because there's too much information for me to wrap my head around and figure out how to do everything does your business or any other business offer program where I just pay you guys whatever the amount is to upload the videos correctly with all the information and just pay a certain amount monthly or per video?

  21. James Sween says

    To me, I don't really think you should not have to work on your computer day and night to get subs, or views. If you follow the rules that YouTube wants you to do, like good thumbnails and good tags, and good material, you should do better then 150 subs in 7 years. But know! My idea about youtube is it is not like it is supposed to be. If's all about the race on who is better then the next guy, and YouTube filters you out. What I am trying to say is, if you have topics on how to videos, and someone else has the same thing, Youtube decides who gets through. And believe me, I will be left out in the cold. So what has YouTube become? It's a platform where you have to find a different way to get through to your viewers. YouTube will block your channel as much as they can so there is less traffic on the same topic. Amen? It's that simple. The little guy will die!!! I'm sure you will delete me.

  22. steph g says

    2:11 so thats whats been happening! I've ACCIDENTALLY clicked on OLD videos ive already seen in the past! Not fricking cool! it's DECEIVING to the public! you're getting click THRUS because once the person realizes they have ALREADY seen the video, im sure a lot of those videos are not FULLY watched to the end! Once i realize this has happened, i actually get MAD because i wasted my TIME! sneaky sneaky! if YouTube wants to do this, then it NEEDS to remember which videos have already been seen by THAT viewer, NOT just based off a shiny new thumbnail! its starting to upset the VIEWERS. just be smart about this and fix the issue before it becomes a problem

  23. Plancha de PIEDRA says

    I cannot change thumbnails. It says my account is not verified. I don't understand.

  24. Smooth Gefixt says

    Great informative content Derral!:):) Wondering about the strategies for the more recent videos;) Will there be a part4 coming out? Thanks a million! Cheers, Julius

  25. Acoustic Vlog says

    If you sub me then I will sub for you in the shortest time

  26. RE Styles says

    Question….Does this apply to all YouTube channels, whether business or personal?

  27. Aries Li says

    i try to find ur blog. but i still can't find the words of the video.

  28. Countess of Low Carb says

    Thank you so much!!! Really awesome content and info to help. I really appreciate it ❤️

  29. Imo and Izzy says

    Very interesting! I was so engrossed I totally forgot to like and comment on the last two. Bad Imo!!!

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