How To Deal With Haters & Negative Comments on YouTube

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Learn how to find value in the comments, even the Haters and Trolls out there. This video, Rachel Farnsworth and I discuss ways to improve your video content by engaging with the comments.

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  1. aaronimpactnz says

    Hi I made a 3 hour video yesterday and it still says "editing in progress". How long do I have to wait til it's ready?

  2. Maddie's Daddie says

    Wait, what? YouTube doesn't serve out videos to Subscribers?! When did this start? Silly YouTube!

  3. Suntukantayo Tv says

    I love haters comment. Jesus sayings Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you. Hehehe

  4. SteveBelieve Guitar says

    Hi Derral, I just have a big hater. He's been creating many YouTube channels just to dislike my videos many times.
    I just wanted to share my experience. Much love

  5. Get Dat Scrap says

    how many videos I got to make to get a few subscribers on a new channel

  6. El Has says

    How can heterophobic comments make you grow!?

  7. Proudgrandmaof4 says

    Just came across your channel new sub can you please tell me what high lights mean is it good or bad

  8. J Rima says

    i work hours a day on my channel and only a few people watch them and my old friend hates me now for defending myself against someone who stabbed me in the back and now him and his friends talk bad about me to each other i work so hard on my content and not that many people watch my content i you want to watch one of my videos please i need it

  9. Chris DIYer says

    Wow…thanks Derral. I wonder if deleting hateful, negative comments on a video helps/hurts? I I always thought "engaging" a troll was taboo? (most/many are attention seekers). Thanks…

  10. stephen shiels says

    I ignore the trolls in the comments section on YouTube I have no time to waste with youtube trolls .

  11. Cyril Maglaque says

    derral eves This happens to me last time a person who comment in my video that my dog died and the person said (who cares kill your self) I report that comment and also made a video about that comment but still I don't listen to the haters

  12. richardlbowles says

    You've had your fair share of hate comments, Derral? How could anyone possibly hate you? You're like some huge, but very useful and profitable, teddy bear.

    As for hate comments, isn't it easier simply to ignore them? As my old dad used to say, "Sticks and stones may gather no moss, but I'm no good at proverbs."

  13. Serco Matt says

    I had a technical problem and searched for a vid with a solution as the Ubuntu forums were not willing to help. A creaky voice advised what to do and what this creaky voice told, worked. Nevertheless commentators offended this person, not considering that it is a tech vid and not a tut for singers. So in your case. It is not a WeightWatchers show and I watched it for that software in two of your recent vids. The way you explain stuff is awesome. So I watch them, in spite of not being a tuber. Could not believe what rubbish comments you received. Same applies for Rachel, a cooking show is not a coiffeur show. Even bald she would be looking beautiful. Seems, most YT watchers are ill minded.

  14. CyberEditing says

    She earned my respect with her wisdom. Thanks so much for sharing this "gold" !

  15. Walter The Musician says

    Just found your channel. You are a master of marketing! I have a lot to learn from you! This is a very nice video on the topic. It was very thought provoking. I disagree that it's a good idea to make a video response video to some troll comments. That's what they want… attention. Leave that to the excellent "Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Tweets" videos. Instead, report them if it constitutes abuse, ignore them if it doesn't, and block them, using YouTube's preview comments before posting option. Allowing mean comments to post on your channel may get you more views, but it isn't worth it. Let them know indirectly that their comments are meaningless, by posting something on your channel that points it out, or linking to some video that does the same thing. Maybe a link to the Jimmy Kimmel videos, if the language on them isn't a problem for you. After I posted up my anti-bullying playlist, I never got any toll comments again. They know it would be no use. Of course, I don't have that many visitors, so maybe trolls don't know I exist.
    Most responses to trolls don't get to the real problem. Some people go out in the world and see others as adversaries. It's true… people are bad. But people are also good. I put an "Acts of Kindness" playlist to remind people of that. It's sad that some people don't assume that people are good until proved otherwise. It's a shame that they don't have a positive outlook on life. A couple of times in my life, I've gotten in the rut of assuming that the people I meet are not on my side when I go out. I'd be at a grocery store checkout lane and didn't have positive views about the stranger that was helping me. Thankfully, that only happend a few times, and never for 30 years. Haters see YouTube and other social media as a place to criticize people and put them down. They make it their life to point out others flaws, when obviously they have worse flaws. We all have flaws. If they're children, most will grow out of that. If they're adults, they probably have something wrong with them, or something is going very wrong in their life. There are others who don't know that cutting people down… even if their criticism is true (calling a stupid person stupid) is also bullying. There must be millions of videos that the toll likes and agrees with. Those are the ones they should make comments on. When they make positive comments on videos, they'll be surprised at how many grateful responses they receive in their email notifications. Finding grateful replies in my in box every day to my comments I've made on other channels, is one of my favorite things about YouTube. Especially when it's from someone like a singer who only has 10 views. When people have done a great job, it builds them up to tell them about it. Why spend anytime commenting on the millions of videos that you dislike?
    I'm not including constructive criticism made with good intentions (I've appreciated getting constructive ideas from people when I've posted on forums… they are trying to help.). Also those brave people who go to political channels and fight for justice, or people who point out the errors of those spreading lies about science. Save the negative comments for political channels and channels dealing with contested facts that are spreading untruths or hate. I'm not brave enough to do that, no one would listen to me, and I don't want to spend my last years worrying about that. As you can tell, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the subject.

  16. Groundbreak Games says

    This is just an observation, not criticism. Listen to him speak with headphones on. Then listen to her speak.

    That's why you need to get a good audio mic for your channel.

    Great video, to both of you. I mean no disrespect, it was just something I realized while watching this vid. Now I'm gonna pay up and get a decent mic. Lol

  17. Leila RÖTTGER says

    I saw one of the hater said you fat. But believe me he is jealous. To us you are so sweet.

  18. Joe from the Carolinas says

    What is YouTube doing about the bot accounts that are spamming the same negative comments over and over?

  19. Chris Notap says

    I treat any bad comments like water on a duck. I let it just roll off. I actually laugh at the comments as I repeat them to my wife. Great entertainment. I also respond nicely back without being nasty like they are doing. They almost always respond back in a nice way and you gain a positive outcome. If it goes to a second comment in the conversation that is still back, I just hit the old "hide this users comments from this channel" button and they can no longer comment on any of your videos. Gone, done, out of mind, move forward. I don't let it take up much of my valuable time.

  20. CralinsCorner says

    This hate comment she received is a walk in the park compared to what we get on all 3 of our channels. I turned off the comments on my daughters channel (not) because it bothered us, but because it's kids hate commenting when their parents aren't monitoring them. My daughters channel is really just for fun for her, but i guess haters didn't see it that way. Lol.
    On my channel a lot of times i copy and paste a hate comment back to the most recent video of the channel that left the comment. 4 out 5 times i get a response back with in a day with intense apologies from the parent or grand parent saying their sorry their kid had their phone and did it. OR the hater says sorry it was my friend. Hahaha
    We look at it this way: IF GOD himself were to make a YouTube channel he too would receive hate comments and not just from Satan. Hahahaha
    Thanx Darral Eves. Love all your help and info you give us! Your a GREAT RESPECTED MAN!

  21. Alejandra Garcia says

    I uploaded my bad college videos and got one troll in one of them. I am still considering liking the comment because I'm actually flattered. Someone took his/her time to hate click on my video and mock it.

  22. Siraj Raval says

    Hey its Rachel! We were in the same NextUp class at the youtube space, thats so awesome go Rachel!

  23. GalaxyGamingElite - Gaming and Music says

    Ah, haters… the classic YouTube trolls. I've gotten plenty of them from just my 17 subs. I moderate all my comments to make it a kid-safe environment.


    YOUTUBE dose not push videos to people they have to go to there subscriptions page and all the new uploads are there. Also subscribing dose nothing, YouTube pushes channels who you have watched before regardless of being subbed or not. I'm not subbed to you but your vids always show up because I have watched sevaul of your vids before.

  25. NukaRiot says

    This video is very helpful now I know what to do when I get a hate comment I can stay positive thank you very much. I can keep doing videos now. THANK YOU!!!

  26. realKnightgamer42 says

    I have a few haters on my channel and I tried fighting back and other people did but they continued but I decided to hate back on them to see how they like it

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